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hey guys this is Polaroids that’s trending femme and as someone whose voices either called adorable or annoying I can kind of relate to how Jennifer Lawrence feels in this article Jennifer Lawrence wrote an article for Lenny letter which is the brainchild of a Lena Dunham and Teddy corner who is the showrunner for girls they wanted to create a space it’s funny and smart and feminist without the snark and infighting said the ass Jennifer to write an article her article deals with basically the inequality of pay in Hollywood for female versus male actors one of the particular point she makes that we could get behind who is that she’s really trying to trying to find an adorable way to assert herself yeah they’re talking about Jennifer I mean we went into that here I run into that with picking out what we’re gonna talk about or or worrying what I could say that might offend some of the snooze out there who are gonna then comment and let me know I love that she’s kind of taken the power back and saying no you know what my mail coasters are really not worried about whether or not their offending anyone all of this came out after the Sony hack when the actual incomes of people were released and it was discovered that many of her male co-stars on the same film were paid a lot more than her she had a little struggle you know being like well was it my fault for negotiating less which I gotta say uh Jennifer in this case it was actually your representations fault your agents and managers who do rep male stars as well at some point said here’s the deal we should take it as opposed to know I think you’re worth more we should go for it now Lena Dunham had gotten some criticism for how she wasn’t also portraying women of color in the realm of feminism so she had a little response for in Mashable but mostly Lenny includes a lot of light-hearted comments about issues that all women can relate to or things some of us go through a lot so far they’ve had an interview with Hillary Clinton and of course this popular essay with Jennifer Lawrence it’s really trending today now Jennifer particularly blames herself as I mentioned for not negotiating more money saying that her male co-stars were commended for being fierce and tactical I was busy worrying about coming across as a brat or not getting my fair share now she is getting some criticism for correctly pointing out and she pokes fun at herself so I’m gonna give her a lot of slack on this one the fact that you know it’s rough to make a case on this one you’re saying I want more millions I mean she has two franchises she doesn’t need a dime but yet you know struggling over getting x million versus Y million can see him a little what do you guys have to say about it some of your tweets say lady Goodman says Jennifer Lawrence kills it in Lenny hit the nail on the head about wage gap and the socially conditioned behavior that comes with it yeah like she pointed out it possibly could be kind of how our condition to not assert ourselves too much a mini 123 says Jennifer Lawrence why do you make less than your white male co-stars correct yourself Oh excellent point because there isn’t as much looking at the inequality between women of color versus white women mostly just the gender gap at this point or specifically just the the racial differences and Emma Watson weighed in saying I’m over trying to find the adorable way to state my opinion Oh Jennifer Lawrence I love you so X alright guys I’m Paula roads of what studying femme have yourself a great day be sure to LIKE share and subscribe

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